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Mrs. L's Bare Heart Boudoir Experience

Mrs. L’s boudoir experience, in her own words.

We were recently lucky enough to have one of our beautiful ladies share her experience with us. She is a fun writer, and we were blown away by the detail of her story. She openly offered for us to share it, and we of course couldn't refuse...we are so touched!

She did ask to remain anonymous for now, she has a very public job and wanted the photos to remain between her and her husband:) We love and respect that, so the photos shown in this story are not hers. But the words are!

P.S. Mrs. L, can you please write all the copy for our website, you're amazing, thank you for sharing this:) - P & M

bare heart boudoir model
One of our lovely volunteer models:)

Finding Bare Heart Boudoir- Mrs. L

I was recently invited to a facebook VIP group by a friend. It was Bare Heart’s VIP group, and and I immediately noticed a post from one of the women I grew up with. WOW, first off, I couldn’t believe it was her! Second, I couldn’t believe SHE would do a a boudoir shoot!? But then, I didn’t really know much about boudoir. I messaged her privately, just to say how great she looked.

She responded right away, immediately encouraging me to check into a shoot for myself. I would have just passed it off as someone that was excited, but the experience probably wasn’t for me. I figured she had done it for her husband. But apparently, she had done it for herself. I really didn’t understand that. But it did cross my mind that my husband may appreciate something like this, especially if the photos made me look as great as my friend. And, our anniversary was coming up. I wouldn’t consider myself a “sexy” person…but out of curiosity, I checked out the website.

The photos on the site were lovely, and the owners seemed like genuine people. Okay, I stalked them on Facebook. We had several mutual friends, and well, they seemed normal enough. So I figured, what do I have to loose, I inquired about what a session entails.

Mariah, one of the owners, texted right back asking if it was a good time, she’d “love to chat” about the experience. Oh boy…here comes the pressure to sign up. I was skeptical, really skeptical before talking with her. I’m that way with everything. But it wasn’t 5 minutes into our conversation, and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She seemed to be very interested in why I had inquired, and what I was looking for. We ended up talking for almost an hour, before ever really talking about the boudoir shoot specifics.

It was not one of those forced conversations, and it wasn’t drawn out. Look, I hate talking on the phone…but Mariah is a gem. If you talk to her, you’ll understand.

Booking my shoot, yikes!

After sharing our life stories, I finally said “okay, so how does this shoot thing work?”. She very simply gave me the details of the shoot, and never asked or pushed for me to make any commitment. But, I just felt so comfortable chatting with her, that I found myself asking to book a shoot.

We set our date, and she let me know that I would be getting a few emails to help prepare, and to of course reach out anytime. Within an hour, her husband Patrick had send me their outfit guide.

Time to prepare, to get sexy, I guess?!

Oh yes, what would I wear?! I had barely thought about doing a shoot, and here I was signed up. The guide was pretty straight forward, and I’m not a fashion person. So, I followed exactly what they recommended I get. Hey, if it flops, not my fault! I ordered a few of the pieces of lingerie from Amazon that they recommended. I never really wear lingerie, so I laughed a little adding it to my cart.

They sent a few more guides leading up to my shoot. They spell out exactly what needs to be done. When to tan (if you do), when to shave (if you do), when to wash hair (you should), and even to wash my feet. I like this, I had NO idea what to do. So having every step clearly laid out was very reassuring. I texted Mariah along the way with a couple of random questions, she always texted right back…with about 30 emojis.

Let’s just say, Mariah has as much energy as her emojis, she says she doesn’t even drink coffee, but you wouldn’t know it. Again…you’ll see:). It’s not over the top though, it was really calming my nerves, I NEEDED her to be like that…even though I didn’t know it yet.

So,so nervous the night before, but...

The night before, I was a ball of nerves. My husband thought it was funny…but I was really really scared. I got one last email that night from Mariah and Patrick, just some general stuff about where to go in the morning. But the email ended telling me that we would be having a lot of fun, and I was going to kill it at the shoot. I appreciated that last minute pep talk. And honestly, slept quite soundly that night.

Okay, I'm here!!

I arrived at their studio in Los Osos, walking up the stairs with my hands full of bags of various outfits. Mariah came busting out with this beaming smile greeting me, as if we hadn’t seen each other in years (this was our first time meeting in person, remember!). She ushered me into the studio, which was bright, clean, and so cute. She helped lay down my stuff, and out came Patrick with an equally big smile. We all chatted for a few minutes, about nothing specific…but I all of a sudden realized, the tension was quickly leaving my body. They were so excited for me to be there, and I was becoming so excited to be there!

Whisked away for the full glam treatment

They didn’t waste anytime taking me to the hair and make up area, where I met Natalie. Natalie owns Bellizzimo Beauty, and apparently has been doing hair and makeup for Central Coast brides for a long time. A quick stalking revealed she also had a ton of mutual friends. IF you live on the central coast, chances are you are her friend, or have mutual friends. She was so warm, and listed to exactly how I thought I wanted my hair and makeup. Though, I had no idea what I was saying.

Clearly a pro, she suggested a few things, that I didn’t really understand but nodded in agreement. I chatted with Natalie, Mariah, and Patrick throughout my styling. It was light, fun conversation, but also deep. One of those chats where you feel like you’ve learned and shared something personal about everyone. Then Natalie took me to the mirror to check out my look. Excuse my language, but….WTF. Was that me? I had never seen myself like that. I guess the way I was starting at myself gave away my shock, because when I turned around all three of them were looking at my with sly grins. This clearly wasn’t their first time to be part of a transformation…they nodded as if to say, yeah…you’re looking hot, right? Well, I was at least saying that in my head.

Dolled up, and ready to shoot!

Patrick and Mariah quickly took me to pick the first outfit, a tame number, jeans and tank top. They didn’t waste too much time having me change and get ready for the first shot. I really like that, it didn’t give me anytime to be nervous or think about shooting. Before I knew it, Patrick was clicking away. I had no idea how to pose, and it didn’t matter. Patrick got into the poses first to show me, I will not lie, I giggled watching him arch and “pop” his booty. It lightened the mood perfectly. He then guided me into the pose. Mariah was right there to help correct as well, point my toes, put my hand here, curl my fingers…they take care of every detail. Mariah made sure my hair was to the correct side, on point, and click!

After a few shots, Patrick showed me one of the images on the camera…I was blown away. I had seen pictures of ladies like this before…but never myself. I looked good, no, great. Maybe they were right, maybe I could kill this shoot!

The next couple of hours we listened to some of my favorite music, and moved about the studio taking some fun, and hot, pictures. It was a work out, they had warned me it would be. But at the same time it was all so easy. I just followed what they told me. Each outfit we chose was a little more revealing, and I didn’t even think twice. By the end, I was posing in the nude. Yes, ME! Well, implied, I was strategically covered by a satin sheet. I did not expect or plan to do this, but it felt so comfortable and natural. Mariah and Patrick are professionals, and I never felt out of place or pushed into anything. Quite the opposite, by the end, I was feeling sexy AF. This was a new feeling for me, and it was bubbling up. It was a rush, and it was very easy to see why women loved this, why ladies call it a self love experience.

That's a wrap!

After we finished our shoot, we kept chatting as I got dressed and prepared to leave. I even had to comment that it was like saying good bye to good friends after a party, we kept saying good bye over and over, but you know…in a good way. We planned to meet up in 3 days to have my reveal and ordering appointment.

I was so amped after our shoot, my husband noticed immediately. We went out to dinner, and I felt like I had this massive surge of energy the whole evening. But it didn’t stop there…I woke up just as energized. In a way I haven’t felt in so long. I woke up ready to conquer the world. Everywhere I went I was smiling.

My reveal, oh my....

My husband went with me to the reveal. Patrick played a short slide show for us first, it was our first peak at the images. I’m not sure who’s mouth dropped more, mine or my husband’s. I’m not that great at looking at myself, it’s weird. Right? But, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Mariah handed me a tissue afterwards, I guess I hadn’t noticed I was actually tearing up. She did. My husband put his arm around me, tightly. It’s an emotional moment, I can’t describe the feeling much better than that. But I felt at the moment, and I still do now, that it should be required for all women to feel this way about themselves. I was, gorgeous.

We went through all the pictures. And coming into this, I figured I may not get any photos, because I was quite sure I would not be in love with them. It was the opposite for me, I wanted them ALL! Patrick shared all the options for ways to purchase my photos should I want to. Beautiful albums, wall art, digitals. The thing is, neither he or Mariah pushed for anything. They shared what their favorites were, what were popular with other ladies…but left it at that. They answered all my questions, and I picked the collection that was right for me. For what it’s worth, that was an 8x8 blue velvet album. My wedding shoes were blue velvet, my husband immediately understood my choice as we looked at each other.

I could go on and on about how beautiful my album was, how in love with the images my husband and I were. But, you probably get that by now.

Beyond the shoot, why was this so important for me?

What was most important to me, was how I felt. How I felt during, and after the shoot. And even now, that quite a bit of time as passed since our shoot. I feel a lightness to my being, as if a weight of insecurity had been lifted.

I look at myself with different eyes now, I look at myself as someone attractive, sexy. Like I said before, that was a feeling I never really had. It’s not something the boudoir shoot gave me. The boudoir shoot gave me permission to have those feeling about myself, it gave me the space to look at myself in this new way. Every time I look at the pictures, I get a zing of excitement filling my tank back up. Clearly, I can talk about this until I turn blue. So I will leave you with this...

I am in love with myself today, and I am so glad I took the chance, on myself, to experience this. I have never felt this great. I now realize, I am worth it. You are worth it too. Hope my story helps:)

To learn more about us, and for fun contests and giveaways, visit us at our

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