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Why WE do Boudoir Photography!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Why we shoot boudoir photography, isn't a simple, one line answer.

Much like the reason our clients have a boudoir shoot, is not just one simple answer. Some of our clients have shoots for a self confidence boost, for the empowerment. Some are doing a shoot for a special occasion, a wedding, an anniversary. Some are overcoming past body issues, and learning to love themselves. Some just love who they are, and celebrate themselves every chance they get. Our clients are all at different places in their journey. And that, is the beginning of why we shoot boudoir.

We offer a place for our clients to be open, and empowered by the experience, whatever their reason. We feel honored to be part of our clients journey, whatever, and wherever they are in that journey. Each client story is unique, and it really is amazing for us to be part of that. Selfishly, we get to live vicariously through our clients breakthroughs. We get to experience that every single shoot. So for us, that is quite invigorating!

We started boudoir photography, because we knew we could provide an experience, in a safe, warm and inviting environment.

We were excited to be able to support our beautiful clients in their experience. We are not here to make boudoir images we love, we are here to make boudoir images and experiences, that YOU, our clients love.

The Butterfly Emerges

When our clients arrive, they may be nervous, visually so. They walk up to the door holding their outfit bag tightly, peering around, tense about the situation as they prepare to enter. One of our favorite things, is seeing our clients faces go from nervous, to excited, smiles erupting on their face as they enter. We welcome everyone with open arms, and gigantic smiles.

We can't help it, we are truly excited when our clients arrive, and it's honestly contagious. Just try not to smile when you enter!

Our amazing hair and make up team will have you smiling, laughing, and staring at yourself in the mirror as your transformation is taking place.

The rest of your nerves will fall away after we click our first few images. It's fun, we're easy going, and we are not just telling you what to do, we are there with you guiding you. You will never feel alone in the process. Once we share the first few images with our clients, and we hear “OMG, is that me?!”. We know, you are on your way to a blissful experience:)

We spend a lot of the session chatting, about life, dreams, music...we dance about a little, and we smile. We get to know you, and you get to know us. For us, it's a very powerful experience to be able to connect with our clients in this way. As the session continues, it goes from more than a business relationship, to friends. This is part of the experience, part of the transformation, and for us, a huge part of WHY we do this.

We are always excited for our clients to see their images at their reveal. We absolutely love seeing our clients faces glow when they see themselves. It's really a gift for us, to be part of that transformation, to be part of that moment. You, are our reason for doing this....and in support of whatever your reason is.

Our first Boudoir shoot experience!

This is Mariah in one of her own boudoir shoots!

Before ever considering shooting boudoir, I was in search of a boudoir experience for Mariah. We found lots of options, but I didn't really know what to look for specifically. Or really understand what the experience was about.

We ended up booking with a friend, who luckily walked us through the experience. And while originally I suspected that the shoot was, just for fun...I think we both realized it was something more, much more. Mariah's was absolutely glowing after her shoot, for a long time after her shoot. And EVERY time she looks at her images. Just that alone was worth it, but it's even more than that.

We can look at the images, and remember that exact time in our life, and we appreciate where life has taken us since. We were moved by the experience, and we are moved when we see our clients have this same experience. We look forward to sharing this with you. You deserve it, you can do it, and we will be here for you.

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