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No More Excuses, Boudoir Shoot Myths - Busted

Okay, human nature is to create excuses when we are nervous, we become master procrastinators. And, while nervous is completely natural, do NOT let excuses stop you. Too busy, want to loose 15 lbs first, I don't have the money? These are among the common things people tell themselves as excuses for not having a boudoir shoot experience. Let us show you that you are worth this experience, and worth overcoming these common excuses. You can do it.

“I am so busy, so many people count on me, I can't take time for myself”

We understand this, but let's be honest, you cannot take care of others well, if you do not take care of yourself. A boudoir experience is the perfect way to disconnect for a short time, and really just focus on YOU. It's a mental and physical break from your normal routine. Slow down, breathe, smile, from the inside. It's a chance to really take a moment, and appreciate who you's a complete recharge. Taking this short, concentrated break, will allow you to jump back into your normal life with a fresh outlook, everyone around you will appreciate your new energy. YOU, will appreciate your new energy. Take some time to fall in love with yourself, you are worth it. This small time investment, will pay off exponentially in mental health.

“I just want to loose another 5, 10, 15 or more lbs before I book a shoot!”

This is one of the most common things we hear, so you are not alone. We get so caught up in how we're supposed to look, how tv, movies, and social media think we should look. But we all know, the way media portrays the perfect body, is not reality. Part of this experience, learning to love YOU, as you are now. Who says that you are worth loving only if you are a different weight, or size? Who gets to determine that? We are all different, and it's important to learn to celebrate who we are, NOW!

If you have goals, that's awesome, we applaud and support that. But do not let your goals, stop you from loving who you are NOW. The more you love who you are, the more motivated you will be in your life. The more you love yourself now, the easier it will be to attain goals for the future.

A boudoir shoot is to celebrate where you are now, no one says you cannot have another shoot when you reach your goals, right? But, NOW, is all we really have, so celebrate it, celebrate you. YOU, are enough, now.

“I'm don't really feel sexy, or see my self as sensual, a boudoir shoot must not be for me”

No, no....I mean, we understand where you are coming from. But this is THE reason you should experience a boudoir shoot!

It's so easy to get caught up in life, to focus on everything, anything but ourselves. We easily put our feelings, needs, and desires on hold to deal with everyday life. Femininity, sexuality gets put on hold for “more important” things. And, it's normal, but it doesn't have to be. The question is, how to get to a place where you can appreciate and embrace your sexuality? You knew we were going to say a boudoir shoot, right? :) But yes, seriously, this one of the very best places to start. A majority of our clients say that the shoot ignites their inner flame. It's not just our clients, worldwide, boudoir is helping people from all walks of life feel a spark they may have been missing, or have never felt. The only way to really know, is to experience it for yourself.

If you are unsure, or the thought of being sexy makes you nervous...let's chat! We can tailor our sessions to be more, or less long as you are comfortable. Honestly, even shooting fully clothed, has proven to be an amazing boost for our clients, let us share that with you:)

“Okay, so a Boudoir Shoot is an investment in myself, I get that...but I just do not have the money for it right now”

You are so right, it is an investment in yourself. In yourself NOW, and in the future.. You will look at the these images for the rest of your life, you are investing in a lifetime of self confidence boosts. It's also an investment in anyone around you. You will be brighter, shinier you with your new boost in self confidence, and those around you will benefit, hugely! Whether they know the reason, or not! We have payment plans, and options that will help, we want you to have this experience. Let's chat about how we can help make that happen!

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