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12 Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photoshoots

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

A boudoir photoshoot experience is exhilarating! But, it can also be a little scary when you do not know what to expect, right? You're not alone, most of our clients feel exactly the same way. In fact, we felt that way before we had OUR first boudoir experience as well, we get it! This is why we've compiled this list of frequently asked boudoir questions. This list will shed some light on what to expect and how to prepare for your boudoir shoot with us!

1. Will you share my images?

The short answer is...NO! Well, unless you specifically give us permission to. A boudoir shoot can be a very powerful experience, with the intimate images being meant only for you, or perhaps a lucky loved one. Some of our ladies are just discovering a love for their body, and are not ready to share that with the world...yet:) Some of our clients do decide to let us share their images, it really does help empower other women to seek their own boudoir experience. And if you do choose to share, we only share the images you specify. Our clients comfort is our number one priority, you always have the final say!

2. Will hair and makeup be included in our experience?

YES!! It's a hugely important part of the experience, it's your chance to sit back, relax, and get pampered while we prepare you for your shoot. We work with the incredibly talented team from Bellizzimo Beauty. They have been serving ladies of the Central Coast for weddings, boudoir shoots, events, and more...for years! Hair, makeup, even lashes, are all included in your experience.

3. What do I wear, will I have to wear lingerie?

Not at all. Let's start off by saying, wear whatever you feel comfortable in, this is YOUR experience. When Mariah had her first shoot, she had no idea what to wear. We wish we'd had some guidance in what might look best for her pictures. So if you already have an idea, great! But most ladies would like some input, for that reason we've created our Ultimate Boudoir Outfit Guide! The guide is included as part of your pre-planning. But, if you would like to see it sooner, email us anytime, and we'll send it to you!

4. Will you be using photoshop on my images!?

YES! But, only lightly. We use editing software to correct lighting, color, cropping, minor blemishes, and moderate skin smoothing. We can offer more, or less, detailed corrections. However, we do not change your shape, or look. The power in boudoir finding love for your body, and we do not want to change that.

5. What types of payment plans, or payment options do you offer?

Great question! We accept all major credit cards, paypal, checks, and cash! We do have payment plans available. One of the most popular being Paypal's 6 month no interest plan. If you have questions about payment plans, reach out anytime!

6. Can you recommend a place to buy outfits?

You bet! That is one of the most common questions, where can you buy your outfits?! First off, you may have several options already. A t-shirt, men's button up shirt, jeans...some of our clients favorite options are already in your wardrobe! Our outfit guide goes over all the most popular outfit choices with our ladies. It includes a full list of locations to find outfits. But in short, some of our favorites are Fanny Wrappers (local option), Victoria's Secret, Yandy, and Amazon. Yes, there are many more depending on style and budget, and we are happy to help you locate outfits you will love!

7. What options do you offer for print products?

We have a great line of print options for our clients, these are items you will cherish for a lifetime. We offer a full range of luxury albums. Albums are absolutely our clients favorite option for a boudoir photography keepsake. From little 5x5 leather black books you can keep in your purse to show your friends, to 12x12 velvet golden guilded glossy paged masterpieces you would be proud to display on your coffee table (you know, if you're daring!). It's a beautiful book, of YOU, that you can open anytime you need a boost in confidence. We also offer gorgeous metal wall art. Display it over the mantle, or in our private's up to you, but one this is for sure, you WILL smile every time you see it. We think every women should have their own beautiful wall art for that daily reminder of just how amazing they are.

8. What if I want the digitals?

We have covered! Several of our print collections, include the matching digitals! But if you prefer to purchase all the digitals, or digitals only, we have created special packages that will fit exactly what you want.

9. Sounds exciting, but I'm SO SO nervous! Can I do this?

Yes, you CAN do this We are more worried when folks are not nervous, seriously. It's normal, but we find that completely falls away when you enter our studio. We take great pride in being there with you for the experience, you are not alone. Our clients tell us they fell right at home with us. We'll have the music playing, and we'll be laughing, dancing, and posing your cares away. Overcoming those nerves, is part of the experience, and the feeling of getting past the nerves is so sweet. You can do this.

10. How many outfits should I plan on bringing to the experience?

Your experience includes up to 4 outfit changes. We encourage you to send pictures, or links, to the outfits you plan on bringing, or are considering. We are here to give feedback at anytime. And we always recommend, bring along all outfits that you think you might like to shoot in. Before your shoot, we will lay all your outfits and go over which ones will work best!

11. What time should I arrive for my shoot...early?

You can arrive up to 10 minutes early! This gives us extra time to lay out your outfits and get ready. But we ask that all clients do their best to arrive on time, as our stylists may have other appointments following your experience. AND, we want to spend as much time shooting as possible, so we can capture as many beautiful images as possible.

Where is the studio located?

12. Where are you located?

We are located in Los Osos, California! We are in a somewhat discrete office, and we will be keeping an eye out for you when you arrive. Please note, we are on the second story accessible only by stairs. If you are unable to climb stairs, let us know, and we will make arrangements for an alternate location!

There are several restaurants within walking distance. And, if you would like to spend the rest of the day in town, we can direct you to some incredible scenic areas. Honestly, Los Osos has some of the most incredible coast line in California!Learn more about us by visiting us at our ladies only VIP Facebook Group!

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