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Located in Los Osos, CA

The experience everyone is talking about.

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It's Not Just Photography, It's An Empowering Experience.

By definition boudoir means, a woman's bedroom, or private room. 

Okay, we go a bit beyond that definition:)


Our business welcomes ALL body types, ALL ethnicities. We welcome the LGBQT+ communities! 

We also specialize in couples,

& Maternity Sessions as well!!


It's NOT  just intimate photography, it's a self appreciation experience.

  • Boudoir photography is for ALL types, it is about you.  

  • Boost your confidence, self esteem, and have an absolute blast while being pampered.  

  • This is a luxury experience, that everyone deserves in their life.

  • Boudoir photos are a great gift, but make no mistake, this is really an investment for YOU.  

  • There is NO age, NO size, and NO "look" that defines sexy.

  • "Will you share my photos for others to see?"   We ONLY share photos if our clients ask us to.  Again, these photos are for decide who is lucky enough to see them.  See more FAQ's below!!


YOU ARE sexy.  

Let us capture that.


We will guide you in posing, NO experience necessary!

So what is the experience like?


It starts with a VIP Pre-Planning Session.  No obligation!

We'll answer all your questions on the phone or via zoom, and make sure we're the right fit for you!  Then you will pick your session date,  and we will help you prepare! 

Arrive at our studio, where your session begins with professional Hair and Make-up!

We work with  the team from Bellizzimo Beauty, some of the best artists in the industry!

Time to shoot, it's so easy, and fun!

We'll be playing your favorite music, helping you with each and every pose.  Okay,  honestly, it's a bit of a workout posing, haha, but we'll be laughing and dancing our way through your boudoir photo experience.

See all of your amazing photos, and fall in love with YOUR images!

We are so excited to share your images with you!  You will have the opportunity to purchase the images you love along with luxury albums, wall art and other beautiful keepsakes.  It starts with the experience, and but never ends, as you will have lovely image art to cherish for a lifetime.




"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."  -Hellen Keller

Before And After



The hardest part, is deciding to go for it.   Everything after that, is easy!

These are some of the amazing ladies that decided to go for it, and experience their own Bare Heart Boudoir Make-Over...

Are you ready for yours?

IMG_1795-1 copy.jpg





Who are these women?!

They must be runway models!  

Yes, they are amazing and beautiful.

AND, they are just like YOU.

They are not professional models
(though, they sure could be).

They are strong women who decided they

deserved this luxury pampering experience, to feel great inside and out.

Just like you.

You can do this.






"IF you wait until next year to do it, the only thing that will change, is that you'll be a year older."

-W. Miller

You ARE ready.

You CAN do this.

We WILL be there with you, to lift you up, to help you shine. 

Be Here Now.

Be fierce.


Before &



Beautiful, before and after,

no doubt.


always fun to see the transformation.

Ready to see YOUR transformation?!

Get in Touch!






We want to chat with YOU

about your before and after.

If these courageous ladies can do

it, so can you.


Frequently Asked Questions

"What If I'm too nervous?"

Nervous, is normal! At first...


Everyone starts out feeling that way!


That passes the minute you walk into the studio!   


You are going to have a great time, and absolutely slay your shoot.   


You CAN do this.

And as a reminder,

Fear Kills Dreams™...don't let it.


"I've never modeled, how will I know how to pose?"

No worries, we got you!

We will tell you,

show you,

and help you

get into the most flattering, fun poses for YOU. 



Honestly, this part is a blast!


In fact, it's quite addicting, which is why many of our clients book again,

and again. 

"Where does the shoot take place?"

We shoot in our exclusive boudoir specific studio, in Los Osos, CA! 


We have set the studio up to be comfortable, warm, and inviting.  It's not what most people would think of as a photo studio.  It's more like a lovely studio apartment. 


We find this takes away the stress of a photo session, allowing guests to immerse themselves into the experience.  

"Will I do my own hair and make up?"

Part of your experience, will be getting pampered while having your hair and make up done at our studio!  

We work with the insanely talented team from Bellizimo Beauty.  They have extensive experience styling women on the Central Coast, for many years. 


They are the BEST, and we are honored work with them.  You will LOVE the look they give you.

"what will i wear?"

You will receive our exclusive what to wear guide, along with VIP consultation before your shoot!

You DO NOT have to spend a fortune.  We have plenty of suggestions on how to use, things you likely already have.

We also have a HUGE client closet of beautiful pieces you can choose from

And if you want to get something new, we have that covered too.  The guide includes some of our favorite shopping links, for from very inexpensive, to high end.  Your choice, but we'll be here to help along the way!!

Home: About
Photo Courtesy of Amanda Contois of Beau

About Us

Mariah and Patrick Eaves

We are both Central Coast natives! 

Mariah, Client Concierge

Mariah, has been a professional in the hospitality industry her whole life.  You may also recognize her from her days in the banking community.  From being a manager at Chase, to a private client banker, she has developed the skills to offer the highest quality of service for our clients.   She is also a fitness instructor for multiple local gyms, known for her high energy.  Her smile is contagious, you'll see.

Patrick, Photographer

Patrick has been a featured content filmmaker for companies like Ehow, Livestrong, Tyra Banks, and many more.   He has also been a paragliding and skydiving instructor and media creator for decades.  He's accustomed to catering to fearful clients, who end up having the experience of their lives.

Some of you know us from our previous business, The Locked Inn. We created the first escape room on the Central Coast!  We've since moved on from that business, but it was clear that we were meant to work together.

Why Boudoir?!

We are so excited to work with you, we put our hearts in to our work, and it shows.  We have chosen to offer Boudoir photography, after seeing what a transformation it can have for our clients.  It's really amazing to see clients go from shy, to absolutely loving their body, and images of themselves.  And, it's just so darn fun.  Let us show you!  

Want to know more about our WHY?

CLick Here!


We are here, for YOU!

**Engagement photo of Mariah and Patrick, Courtesy of the incredible Amanda Contois of Beautiful Aberration**




Ms. A

The boudoir photoshoot was such an incredible experience all the way through! Mariah and Patrick couldn’t have been friendlier, or made me feel more comfortable. They helped walk me through outfit choices, and poses (make sure to ask Patrick to demonstrate the booty pop), and made the entire session such a blast! I couldn’t recommend them more- it was such a great combo of getting pampered, feeling sexy af, and laughing till you cry.


Mrs. R

I was SO nervous even thinking about a boudoir shoot.  But Patrick and Mariah made me feel so comfortable right from the start. Both professional, and very warm people.  My photos are amazing, I can't believe I can look like that.  But the experience was so much more than just taking pictures, I have never felt so proud of myself, so beautiful, so in love with me.  It's a gift that every woman needs to give herself.   Thank you Mariah and Patrick!!


Miss M

I had no idea what to expect.  What would I wear?  How would I know how to pose?  Would I be nervous?  From the start, Mariah answered all my questions and put me at ease, they really are there to guide you through the whole experience.   Patrick walked me through poses as we laughed and had a great time.  Yes, I was nervous, but as they told me, everyone is to start.   But honestly, once I sat down in the make up chair, the nerves all went away.  I'd say treat yourself, but no...this is mandatory.  Do it ASAP, you'll only regret waiting any longer.


Mr. S

The album you created for my wife's birthday present is, incredible, and so hot.  But honestly, I always see her that way.   That's why I married her:).  Seriously though, incredible images we will both treasure.    What I really wanted to thank you for though, was the mood she's been in every since.  She is glowing, literally radiating this amazing energy.  She can't really put into words how significant the experience was for her self confidence.  But, she doesn't need to say a thing, I can see it in her eyes.  Thank you Patrick and Mariah, from both of us.

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You CAN do this:)




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